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Most of the items you'll see here are for sale at the gallery of the Yaquina Art Association in Newport's Nye Beach Turnaround.

Or see me.

Art and Craft


With most of my art, Mother Nature really does the work. The only advantage I have over her is my opposable thumb, which I use to make her work available for others to enjoy.



Photo weaving


I slice one photo in one direction, slice another photo in the other direction, and weave the two together.


Seaweed pressing


It's like pressing flowers in a book, only much wetter and more surprising.


Paper casting


I make a slurry out of used paper and put it into molds I've carved from clay or made with shell impressions.


Clay work


Plates, plaques, boxes, and other objects.




I do strictly low-tech work—straight from the animal, with vegetable dyes, hand spindles, backstrap loom.


Other arts and crafts


I'm a Jill of all trades and mistress of none. Here are some other things I've made.