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Clay Gallery



Every Tuesday afternoon I go to the Yaquina Art Association's clay workshop. There, a diverse group of people sits at tables in a big room overlooking the Pacific Ocean, working and chatting. We have fun, learn a lot, and turn out some fascinating pieces.



The reddish slip is clay from Mexico. The Maya glyphs you see are for Venus and the Sun. On the other sides are Mars and the Moon.


And the lid is the sky.

Laced box

Woven white and red snakes,

then rolled

Oregon (bigleaf)

maple plate



paper clip holder

Western red-cedar plaque


Triptych, closed

Triptych, open:

"In Praise of Hands"


Red alder plaque


Cascara, or chittum


Chambered nautilus,

imprint of a cut shell


Imprinted twice

Sword fern

A tray for the kipple

on your desk


Pencil and pen corral

Pebble pot and the pebble it was formed around


In the summer of 2009, our clay class's work was featured for two weeks in an exhibit at the gallery of the Yaquina Arts Association: