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Fiber Gallery



Zippered felt box, made with wool from a brown fleece I bought off of a 4-H-er at the county fair for $5.00.


Yarn from a fleece obtained free at a sheep-shearing event. The wool is a bit hard to spin, but it was FREE.

Indigo, done in the back yard with a friend. The skein on the right is wolf lichen, tied and overdyed with indigo.

And here's that skein knitted into a hat. (The top is fleece fabric.)

This is from another lichen species. The three shades are from the original dye pot and two exhausts.

A "mixed bag" from many leftover balls of yarn, both natural colors and marigold in two shades, plus store-bought dark brown fabric.

A white shawl my mother brought back for me from England, dyed with mullein.