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Exhibit Models


Students: To download a photo, just go to your exhibit, click on a thumbnail, and save the photo to your computer.



2005 Sharks: Fierce and Fragile


2005 Sponge Bob Live



2006 Food from the Sea


2006 A Whale's Tale: The Story of Whale Fall



2007 World of Living Lights (Bioluminescence)


2007 On Guard: Protection at All Costs


2007 Where'd My Goldfish Come From? (Habitats of hobby fish)



2008 Artificial Reefs: Wave of the Future


2008 Hidden Wonders: The Invisible Ocean (Camouflage)


2008 Extremes: Take a Swim on the Wild Side



2009 Fresh and Funky (Strange freshwater animals)


2009 Magnificent Mangroves


2009 Relationships on the Reef



2010 Everybody Eats (Food chain)


2010 Impostors! (Mimicry)


2010 Pet Keeping



2011 Bears, Blizzards, and Blubber: Life in the Arctic


2011 Sea of Choices (Sustainable seafood)


2011 Pretty Ugly



2012 Nature's Nightlights (Bioluminescence)


2012 Jacques Cousteau: Exploring the Depths of a Life Aquatic


2012 Metamorphosis: Tails, Wings and Other Shape-Changing Things


2012 Transcendence: Rising above the Water Line