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Oregon Coast Recorder Society




Every Friday night I go to the OCRS practice, where I play my violas da gamba with up to 18 other musicians who play recorder, gemshorn, guitar, accordion, and other assorted instruments. They've put both a recorder and a gemshorn into my hands, so sometimes I toot (poorly) with the rest of them. We only cancel practices that are on Christmas, New Year, or their eves. We once canceled because an extreme storm was predicted, but it didn't materialize, so we don't even do weather now.


On Monday afternoons I play with Lost in Time, a quintet made up of OCRS members with decades of musical experience and training. And then there's the Lost in Time trio; we meet every other Thursday afternoon. Too much music? Never.


OCRS has its own Web site now, designed by me. You can see photos of us, consult our performance calendar, and explore a couple of programs that we co-sponsor.