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Photo Weaving


Here are a couple of weavings I've done so far. They have both sold at the Yaquina Art Association gallery, so I need to make some more.




Twelve-year-old Alba Aurora watches as her younger brothers and sisters play jacks on my floor. The ancestors that in turn watch over her were photographed at a roadside display a hundred miles away.


El Nith, Hidalgo, Mexico


Juanito works at home, cutting paper representations of 39 different spirits to use in an elaborate, all-night healing ceremony. The spirits hovering around are the very ones he is cutting, which I photographed the next day.


Piedra Grande, Veracruz, Mexico



Would you like two of your own photos woven together? I'll do custom photo weavingóask me for details.


I first saw photo weaving as a notice in the newspaper for an exhibit of Dinh Q. Le's art. Here's an example of his work. You can see other examples of his masterful weavings at several sites on the Internet.