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Seaweed Pressing


Here are just a few examples of what I've done.



Every summer at minus tides that aren't too early in the morning, I go to the tide pools at nearby Seal Rock and collect seaweed for pressing. Then I set up on the picnic table in the back yard and make my stack of seaweed, blotters, and corrugated cardboard.


The patterns that emerge in the pressing reveal a beauty that is often overlooked by casual tidepoolers, who are usually focused on keeping their balance on the (seaweed-covered) slippery rocks.


Interested in how it's done? Here's how.


In the summer of 2009, my seaweed pressing was featured for two weeks in an exhibit at the gallery of the Yaquina Art Association. It was fun to see so many pressings all up in one place:



Old SMM people may recognize Diane Disse in this photo.


I had note cards printed of my favorite pressings. They're for sale in Newport at the Sylvia Beach Hotel, the Hatfield Marine Science Center book store, and the Yaquina Art Association gallery. Or ask me.



Do you want to learn a little more about seaweed? Here are the paragraphs I put on the backs of my note cards.


Not long ago I ran across a lovely collection of pressed seaweed specimens rendered as cyanotypes by the early photographer Anna Atkins.


Oregon Coast Today ran a nice article about my seaweed pressing, with pictures of collecting, pressing, and final results.